from little things big things grow!

Recently I have found myself wanting to create bigger things from littler things. It all began when about 3 weeks ago I impulsively sewed some 5 inch squares together. Then my sewing machine broke down and I have not taken it in for repair yet. 

Impulsively playing with little apples.   #noideawhatiamdoing

I'm a bit lost at sea with no machine, It started to rain and I pulled out my granny square project that I had initially intended to make a cushion cover. but as I began joining the squares something happened. I just had this overwhelming desire to keep going, I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew, doubting my ability to commit to big projects. Here is where my blanket is at now and I have more squares on the go. I plan to add at least two more rows which might get it to almost lap size.

It's growing :) #crochet

With all this crochet my elbow is getting a little irritated and I don't want to turn that into a big issue so am looking further a field again. I have set my sights on hexies. The following is not my image, found it in a Google image search and shared it via its flickr origin it is from Amitie.girls photo stream. Aren't they gorgeous!

Paper Pieced Hexies with  Fussy Cutting

I recently recollected that I made a cushion in year 9 textile and design class, with a hexie flower on it, though I don't recollect the actual creation of it. So I have been searching around on line and asking twitter friends for help I'm compiling a list of some online resources and thinking I might make a mug rug. It seems like a good small beginner project.
 Would anyone be interested in joining me with this if so I'll whip up another post sharing my links and resources and we can travel the  hexie learning journey and create something together ! 


  1. I have to admit I love the look of hexies but they scare me, scare me enough to love them from afar and not try them myself.
    But maybe with you holding my hand T I could be brave enough to have a go :)

    1. yay! C'mon you can do it! there seems to be a nice little group of crafty girls willing to join in. :)

  2. Madeline was having a hexie phase a year or so ago.... I'd love to join you! I'm very sure there is a stash of fabric ready to be used. Fabulous idea! :-)

    1. Thanks Michelle! Glad to have you along & in on this too!

  3. Lots of eye candy there Tammy ... haven't done any quilting or granny squares for ages and I don't think I have ever sewn a hexie though I have plenty of fabric stash I could use. Will check your progress, only time will tell if I join you on this journey. :)


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