Free Cookbook :)

I did my grocery shopping at Woolworths yesterday and as I was going through the checkout I was given one of these. I did not buy any of the product by the same brand of those who produced this beautiful book.
The styling and photos are lovely and the recipes look delish! Here is a little sneak peek inside.

I might whip up something from this book for the Election day cake stall at School this Saturday.

Oh BTW I haven't forgotten about the hexies. Am doing a bit of creative learning on the job and will compile my tutorial links into a blog post soon.. x


  1. Mmm mmm, they look yummy and very FATTENING Tammy, Nestle do put out some great books though...still have my old one, must be all of 20 years old now. :)

    1. Fattening for sure Sandi, some lovely 'old fashioned' things in here I look forward to trying.

  2. I also got that book at Woolworth, but I bought 3 Nestle products to have it. The book has some delicious looking recipes, I haven´t yet tried any!

    1. Hi Sami! Ta sounds a bit more like it. I was surprised to get such a lovely book just for shopping. I guess I was just in the right place at the right time. :)


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