Making Jam

It has been a long while between batches. I think I just get overwhelmed with pour volume of plums in the summer and then stop for a long while. I had these Apricots , some peaches and Boysenberries in the freezer from last season which is really a bit too long to have left them but this Jam is nonetheless delicious!

 The first year we lived here, when we moved in the Apricots had already finished ( or been taken ) then last season we had a great crop, almost ripe enough, we went away for two or perhaps three days over Christmas and came home to a tree full of wattle birds and the ground littered with fruit. I posted about the theives with some pictures on  my garden blog at the time, I picked what was remaining, cooked them and put them in the freezer. It was a total of 760g cooked fruit :(
Which yesterday I turned in to 2 1/2 jars of Jam.

There is something so wholesome and satisfying about making Jam, but its even better for me when the fruit came from our own yard!

Have a lovely weekend. x


  1. Yum, we have loads of fruit trees you will have to tell me how to make jam lol.

    1. For sure Katie! I was a bit nervous the first couple of times but now its kind of like riding a bike :)

  2. Apricot is Madeline's favourite jam. Enjoy! :-)

  3. If you hear a crash, it's just me jumping through our screens to get at your lovely jam. :)

    1. Oh Rose, it is the thickest, stickiest jam I have made yet! Its so very good! We will be trying our hardest to net that tree this year!


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