Sunday snapshots

Here are some of the photos taken from my instagram stream this week. We had a bit of a strange week with sick adults here and the days seemed to pass n the blink of an eye. Hence no blog post but there was a lot of little day to day things happening too.

Sunday snapshots by GirlsWearBlueToo

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my week. Happy Sunday!


  1. Loving your photos Tammy, looking forward to seeing the outfits
    Your girls look gorgeous, have they had lots of runwalk walks today I wonder
    Love your cup & saucer,lovely to be spoilt, my teasets of rather my Mothers & Grannys had an airing today as I hosted a baby shower high tea, so lovely to drink tea from a fine china cup

  2. Sorry to hear you have been unwell this week Tammy. Hope you are feeling better now. Your photos look great and that PIE & CAKE looks absolutely yummy ... you must be a great cook!


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