Spring Garden

I know its not technically Spring yet but with the sunny days, blue skies and perfumed air I think I can be forgiven for calling it early :) Though in saying that I don't expect winter is over yet at all.

Our garden beds have become quite over grown with grasses ( which we are in the process of cutting down.) I love have the daffodils rise above it in this section opening as if planted with no intention and in a field.

  Aside from the bulbs popping up and opening everywhere there are some signs of other colour in the natives, camellias and violets.

Down in this section the jonquils turn their faces towards the sun :)

  as I lay in bed gazing out the window on the weekend I saw that the silhouette of the willow had subtly changed! little signs of leaf bud all over! Once the willow busts into green and the bees being buzzing around it we know that Spring has truly arrived!

Its all beautiful!
Happy Monday lovelies!


  1. I love this late winter lull before windy old spring. I think it is much nicer now than in October (except the daylight gets longer)


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