Winter is well and truly here The mornings are icy and the sun shines as brightly as it can. Still not enough to warm the house most days but welcome all the same. I popped out yesterday and took some photos in the garden, the frost puts on a show now that it has appeared consecutively for a few days.

these are stunning 'frosted' or not

this is the table outside 

Ice forming patterns on emerging bulb foliage.

A thick blanket on this leaf

The beautiful clear morning sky

here and there a jonquil is opening up and enjoying the sunshine

 A small rhododendron I wonder what colour it will reveal, I don't recollect it flowering last year

A teeny tiny rose hip providing a spot of colour

Its the last week of School before holidays here but I have had my boy home all week with a terrible flu. My girl was home Monday and again today, I'm about to just throw my hands in the air and give up any hope for one day to get things in order before holidays descend upon us.

I guess its just the luck of the draw in winter with kids, sickness seems inevitable and never comes at a convenient time, so we might as well just snuggle in with blankets and cuddles and enjoy each others company as much as we can.  :)


  1. Sorry to hear both your kiddos are unwell. I do hope they are back to normal very soon.

    I love these pics you are sharing. They bring back fond memories of growing up in Tassie. Frost is something that doesn't happen often in Brissie.

    Hugs to you all xxx

  2. Being in Townsville I have never seen frost appear in my garden but it looks magical (but chilly I'm sure). Beautiful photos Tammy xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  3. Congratulations on braving the cold for the lovely photos. I'll just look from afar I think. Just go with the flow for now because really, each day will follow the other, whether you feel organised or not, and you don't need more stress when everyone is fighting the lurgie. x

  4. Gorgeous photos T but Brrrr!!
    As much as I love Canberra I do prefer a Brisbane winter :)
    Hope the kids are on the mend now, sounds like you all need a nice slow school hols.

  5. Lovely photos Tammy but better you than me, I much prefer to be snuggled up inside on frosty days. :) Hugs to the kids, hope they are better soon.

  6. It is awe inspiring isn't it - almost makes it worth living through the icy cold mornings!


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