Lego Brick Expo. Canberra 2012

 on Saturday morning we headed off to the Brick Expo at the Hellenic Club In Canberra we went to the morning session and were early so had a wait in the cold but in my opinion that was better than being at the end of the extremely long line. Following is a picture heavy post, sadly I did not record a lot of the creators details of these amazing items but am happy to add them if the information is passed on. I'm only sharing a small fraction of the masses of photos we took.

The detail was amazing and grandstand scenes particularly appealed to me, sometimes you would see some famous faces in unexpected places ;)

The star wars creations were amazing. ( you will read the word amazing many times in this post! lol )

Moving trains enthralled my boy

People in carriages appealed to me 

Such thoughtful details with branding and crowds.

Some of the city/street scenes just blew me away.

This one had particular charm and I like the gowings sign lit up

There was a carnival with moving Ferris wheel.

A roller coaster with people ( Lego people that is ) queued up and getting into the cars

This building was being taken apart by the machinery operated by a Lego remote control which you can just see at the right of the photo in a mans hands.

These old cars were lovely

The cube dudes were all quite fun!

There was even a where's Wally! Look at all those Mini figures!!

I think I found him

My photos are not the best but if you click you should get a bigger image which may be a little clearer, it was all artificial lighting. All in all it was a great morning, not for someone who can't handle a crowd but well worth the ticket price for us. 


  1. WOW! I know someone up here who would have LOVED it too!!
    So much detail and imagine the time it took to put it all together.

  2. Amazing work with the Lego, I can remember when my kids were small we had loads of the stuff and they loved it.

  3. That does look good, I'd love to get along to that one with nieces and step boy in tow.

  4. Brick Expo is on again in 2013. It's only a few days away now. Be sure to get your tickets on line.


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