Sun seeking

Right up at the tippy top of the tallest oak. On our boundary line and closest to the rising Sun on a frosty morning. The sunlight is barely reaching the ground yet but it doesn't stop the birds soaking up some rays and defrosting on a very chilly day. 

I heard the King Parrots and was trying to photograph them and at first did not even notice all the small birds adorning the branches like little ornaments. When I went closer to try and capture some more colour all the little ones flew away. 

I loved watching this particular one fanning out its feathers and preening, sitting with its tail fanned in this manner warming for a long time with occasional wing stretching too. I really can't blame them. It was super chilly. These were taken at about 9 to 9.30 am and I estimate it was somewhere between 0 and 5 deg. 

Enjoy your Sunday. x


  1. Brrr! I don't miss those cold, cold mornings at all. The birds definitely have the right idea!


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