Its freezing!

The frost this morning was huge! Hello winter :)
I had been planning to share the Birthday cake here today but couldn't resist sharing this with you.

I find something really beautiful about heavy frosts.
I remember having that magical feeling as a child when walking through crunchy frosty covered grass and leaving footprints behind. As the sun hits it and it starts to melt the landscape glitters with thousands of tiny rainbow gems. Colours seem more intense some how and the air is so clear and 'fresh'.

Of course on of the best things about a frosty morning is the lovely sunshiny winter day that typically follows. 


  1. You take some wonderful pics Tammy!

    We were watching the temperatures this morning. -4 at 6am then -5 at 7am....

    Madeline is going to have a real treat when she visits.

    Your maximum day temp is our night time temp. Stay warm! Hugs Michelle xx

  2. Beautiful photos Tammy! I love the icy pond shot. We still have frost in our backyard which doesn't get much sun in the morning during the winter. Stay warm and have a great long weekend!

  3. Brrr...makes me cold just looking at those pics!! :)

  4. It's cold enough here on the coast! I've been watching your minimum temps all week on the weather report.

  5. Yep! That's cold!

  6. Lovely pics! I like frosts too, when there is time to stop and enjoy them. Chilly!!


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