Happy Birthday!

Can't believe my girl is another year older! and I believe I will be saying this every year, for quite a few more to come! lol. She sleeps in a loft bed, during the night I crept in and let some pretty helium balloons loose. So when she woke up she was surrounded by them as she looked out from her pillow. :) She got lots of lovely presents some of which are pictured here. There were clothes, art supplies, dolls, sewing goodies, books and a few other assorted bits and bobs.

I made a Birthday cake from my CWA book, cupcakes were sent off to School and she requested meat pie for dinner. Pies seem to be fave birthday menu item lately. In the days following her birthday she worked out how to secure a band in her own hair for a ponytail,with much excitement! and lost another tooth.

My babies Birthdays are over for another Year.


  1. Sounds like your sweetie had a lovely birthday Tammy . . . one she will rememberer I'm sure.

  2. oh I bet she LOVED waking up to the balloons :)
    Olivia has that same cookbook (I think she received it as a gift at a similar age) and she loves cooking from it!

  3. Happy birthday young Miss!


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