Blythefest 2012 - Candyland!

On the weekend my Daughter and I headed of to spend a couple of nights at beautiful Manly and attend Blythefest on Saturday. The theme was of the event was candyland. A picture heavy post follows.

The room set up was beautiful with gorgeous centrepieces and place settings. Everyone displayed their non competition dolls that they bought along on the table where they sat.

There was a candy bar - of course! which was stocked with all kinds of sweets, cake pops and macaroons.

A lovely candyland themed cake!

Lots of prizes, lucky dips and a take home goody bag! These are most of the things I bought home spread out on the hotel bed I only purchased two small items and gave the rest of my spending money to my Daughter. :)

I dressed up my Doll Jac in the things I bought home. I love the little fairy floss with the face, its really cute!

Both my Girl and I were pleased to meet the utterly delightful Miss Emily Wind.

Some of the girls that adorned the table were so beautiful and stunningly dressed. I don't know who owns all of these dolls so if you object to me using these photos please let me know, or alternately claim ownership and I will edit to reflect that.
I have learned that this little lady is a jet-setter named Munsley owned by Kimberly, Mandy and Steph. Her outfit was/is absolutely stunning.

The garden Beanie/hat this dolly is wearing is just so sweet!

This PCM is dressed so well, a competition Doll who I think won the stock beauty category.

 So of the best dressed entrants were so creative, I guess someone had a tough time eating all this chocolate to get enough wrappers to make the ensemble :)

This doll is just simply beautiful in my eyes and I love her dress and boots! Very nicely presented.

Saturday night we both fell into bed exhausted. I got a really good mystery room deal at Manly and it turned out to be Novotel! The room was so comfy and the shower pressure was awesome! I slept for an undisturbed 9 hours which is unheard of. We asked for a late check out and wound up the trip with a long walk along the beach before we headed home. My Daughter took this photo and its stunning!

The weekend was lovely and the Blythe event fantastic, it was great to meet a couple of online contacts in person and to meet the lovelies sitting at our table too! It was beautifully organised, thanks so much to those who put this together! We had a great weekend.


  1. It was lovely to meet you Tammy. It was so nice to have be sharing a table with you and Miss R.

  2. How wonderful to get away for a girlie weekend, Miss R will remember this forever

  3. glad you had such a great weekend away!
    Some very imaginative outfits on those dollies :)

  4. So pleased everyone had a great time . . . I'm so sad to have missed it, but appreciate all the photos that everyone is posting on their blogs. Seeing this is going to be an annual event maybe I'll make it next time (hope so). :)

  5. Sounds and looks like it was a delightful day! Would love to go to a blythe meet one day when finances permit!! The photo of your girl and Emily is lovely. they both look very happy and excited! Glad you had a lovely relaxed weekend.


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