Sick Day

This is how I set up this morning and where I have spent most of today in front of the fire fighting the flu.

Hope you are all healthy. x


  1. Poor thing. Sadly my day looked very similar to yours. Large box of tissues here. :(

  2. This post title must be attracting the sick mummies. On the mend a little here. But Miss Daisy and I watched Shrek this morning and both had a nap! :) Hope you're feeling better soon! PS. Jealous you have Rhonda's new book! Must get my hands on one!

  3. Oh Tammy - it seems there is a cough, gastro and croup going around Hobart. OH MAN I hope I dont get ANY of them! Having said that I can hear my 13 year old coughing in bed.

    I hope you get better. I find it so hard being sick and a mum/wife/domestic goddess.


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