Sewing Kids Pyjama Pants

Its that time of the year again where its cooling down and I notice my Children's ankles bare at the bottom of their pyjamas. It has been an absolute age, I'm thinking at least two years, since I have sewn for the children!! That seems so wrong but I'm sure its quite accurate. 

I have made up one pair for my son with Flannel I had bought and washed last winter!! 
The other two prints that I have yet to cut out and sew up may have been purchased in late 2009! 
Judging by the length I have of the blue themed print I had been planning to make little Mr a pair of Pyjamas But now I just prefer to whip up the pants which are quite easy and pair them back with a long sleeve tee from Target which are about $8.00 at most. I have yet to check if there is actually enough of the pink to get a pair of pants for my Miss.

We have had a week of nasty illness but I felt it beginning to lift yesterday afternoon and its nice to be returning to a normal level of health its tough going when both the parents are sick!
Happy Weekend! x


  1. Lovely PJs. I'm about to start sewing PJs for my mob too... and yes with fabric that had been stashed away.
    Hope you're all feeling better real soon.

  2. Great idea to make the pants and buy long sleeve t-shirts to go with them.
    Was shopping for birthday PJs today for my Mr 7 and his size was so difficult to find and the few around were ugly skulls and prints :(

  3. They're very cute pj's Tammy. I like to make the girls the pants too and team them with a cheap top, it works well and saves a bit of money too, sometime flannel can be expensive. I hope you all feel better soon. x


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