Old School Desk. New Side table

We recently re arranged our bedroom furniture, the new placement of our bed disallowed the addition of bedside tables so the table had to stay in its previous corner which had been beside the bed. I really don't love our bedroom setting I bought it when I was 21 I think. So over those 20 years my taste has changed quite a lot but as the functionality of the pieces is still fine we make do with it for now. :)

We bought this old school desk home from our last holiday up North. It came from the Mr's family home and we claimed it as his parents were preparing for sale of their place our intention at the time was to use it as a desk in our sons room but in the meantime things have been moved and changed and he has a table in there that suits his needs and he is quite happy with.

I'm really not sure that my boy would appreciate it the way I do. I view it with fondness and nostalgia. I see its age as beautiful and wonder about its history. I love that it has character. I contemplated facing it the other way but I do like the storage option for magazines and books with desk slots facing forward. It was the department of Education stamp that held the appeal to me but as this side of the desk top is the roughest condition it also made sense to put it against the wall to prevent any snagging.

I'm not entirely happy with the arrangement atop the desk from an aesthetic perspective but they are all things that hold value so for now its just the way it is :) I hope the Mr doesn't object too strongly and likes giving this piece a practical new lease on life too.


  1. I love that desk. It has so much character than the other side table. Has an old farmhouse feel to it. Looks great. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  2. Well I think it is just gorgeous! I love seeing the sun shining in.

  3. great idea Tammy. I love old school desks.

  4. Looks lovely Tammy - nice table.


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