Mess or Mulch?

We have Oaks, fruit trees, Maple, Willow and Ash to name some of our deciduous garden inhabitants. Which means a LOT of leaves fall. 

I like to gather them all up and throw them on the garden beds where they insulate my little strawberries and do some magic providing natural mulch and eventually breaking down and returning back to the earth.

However my Mr is not a fan of leaves on garden beds as it looks really untidy. I was surprised when an elderly neighbour recently revealed the same feelings to me. He collects up all his leaves and disposes of them as they make his garden look untidy however his wife does not mind. He also told me that the previous owner of this house would take all of his leaf litter and put it on our garden :)

For our last raking session The Mr compromised and did it my way. I'm not sure why but am glad he decided to give it a try, there's a way to go this season before we reach the end of our leaf fall though so I don't know what to expect next time. 

So how do you view the Autumn leaves? Mess or mulch?


  1. Eu faço como você,uma compostagem natural,coloco em volta das minhas frutíferas e em um canto do jardim com um pouco de terra por cima.A medida que eu vou precisando vou pegando do canto.As plantas,frutas e flores agradecem me dando tudo de volta em forma totalmente coloridas e frutos doces.Não ligue para aparência o importante são jardim bonito depois.Beijo.

  2. I think mulch. You could put them on the compost pile to break down too. x

  3. Most definitely mulch! However I have also been known to put them in large garbage bags after damping them down. They then rot down ready for Spring. Maybe that would suit the Mr. better.

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.


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