Vintage Barbie Squishy Boot Update

Time for the Second Squishy boot store update
I have been sourcing some Vintage Barbie Squishy Boots to sell through my Etsy store and this is the relevant info for prospective purchasers. I currently will have at least 11 pairs on offer and the listings will go live at approximately 5pm Sunday the 29th April AEST.  Some of these have marks, stains or irregularities which I have detailed clearly in each listing please be sure to read and look at the detailed images in each listing! I include any info related to inconsistency, odour, stains etc in the first paragraph of each listing. I want people to know what they are buying up front. There are at least three images on each listing which for a part of the description. I do not take returns on these boots, please remember they are 40 to 50 years old.

Often what I get in Sourcing is not what I paid for but I do represent it back to my buyers honestly, in opposition to how it was sold to me. This added with the time it takes to photograph and detail each item means this is not a profitable undertaking for me and for now this may be my last squishy boot update for a long while.

This time I will list one orange, one green, one off white, three red, two navy, two brown and one Tan pairs. A couple are Taiwan most are Mattel. Pricing this time starts at $17.50 + postage.
Thank you to everyone who supported my last update I really appreciated it and I hope the increase in pricing is not offensive but I operated at a loss last time and am trying to avoid that again. x


  1. Even if you were making a small profit, you shouldn't feel bad. Business has to have a point. Good luck, love the orange ones.


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