Taking my Creative Space - Outdoors.

Its really starting to get chilly here these last few days, the sun is gorgeous but the wind has a most sincere chill in it.  Yesterday I decided to head out onto the Verandah behind our Cafe curtains and soak up some warmth.

I had snaps and buttons to attach to some dolly things I am working on for an order. :) I took my essentials out in my new sewers pouch. I wonder if Janelle knows that the middle pocket is the perfect iPhone size??

The other advantages to working outside are that I can see when the mail is delivered, I have a beautiful view and get serenaded by birds.

 it stole my heart when a little visitor stopped by and Sunned itself on my doll Molly Smith's head!
To see what other people are working on this week and where they are working you can visit here

The nights are much cooler now too we have had the fire burning the last couple of nights.
Tomorrow is the last day of School here before the holidays start and we are all ready for them, this week has been a bit difficult as the 4 day Easter Break lulled us into a false sense of holidays.

Today is looking like more gorgeous Autumn Sunshine will be upon us. 
Happy Thursday! x


  1. sounds like you had a nice time :)

  2. what a lovely spot to sit and sew x

  3. Your doll is beautiful!

  4. I really need to get myself a Blythe doll - Oh to knit for something so little and quick:)
    Looks like you had a lovely creative day soaking in the VitaminD. Enjoy your holidays, ours end and yours just start.


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