School Holidays!

We have reached the end of the first term and are all ready for the break in routine. I am amazed at how much my Children are both changing and growing at the moment. We are entering a new phase, there is no remnant of 'little' kids left. They are both Primary School Children now and show maturity in their thinking more and more. We found out three days before the end of Term that My Daughters Teacher was leaving and they would be having a new Teacher for the rest of the year so I made a card for the current teacher with some of the new Lily Bee Designs PP I purchased recently. She has been great in working with my girl to recognise her strengths and encouraging her to stretch herself. I'm not expecting the beginning of next term to be easy as My Girl tends towards anxiety. I will be working towards trying to alleviate some of that for the next couple of weeks.

I am bursting with creativity lately, keen to work with Paper more and more too, busily sewing for a lovely customer and taking my dolly clothes detail to a new level. I am in the process of cleaning out my craft cupboard and the kids wardrobes. My Daughter grows taller with alarming speed but her circumference does not seem to change much at all, I finally went in and removed all the too short pants and tee shirts and replaced most of her clothing. She is having a ball right now wearing so many new and lovely things. Though the selection process was a little difficult for me, as she enters the 'teen' size range and is faced with choices of predominately Black and Grey.

I cleared out my 7 1/2 years worth of Patterned Paper including all of my previously Beloved Basic Grey Ranges. I kept about 5 sheets and sold close to 200 on Ebay. My tastes in patterns have really changed and holding on to all that stuff had weight in it, emotional /mental weight. I also have a Pizza box full of stickers and partially used rub on sheets that I am not sure what to do with. Any suggestions?

Well I hope that you all have a most lovely weekend, I know some of you are preparing to send your kids back to School next week and others are at the midpoint of the School holidays. What ever stage you are at, Enjoy. x


  1. Lovely card you are so talented.

  2. I am loving all your creating T ... gorgeous as always. I love the way your creativity has expanded to include so many different styles.
    Take Care xx


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