In the studio

I have mentioned before that my studio is an enclosed Verandah of the main house and I share it with my Son and his trains. The previous owners kept birds in this room.
I recently did a large declutter, secure and clean mission in there after this tell tale 'dark brown rice' appeared on my work table ( made my skin crawl) and the Easter swap goodies I was about to wrap were sampled by sharp gnawing little teeth.

Mouse poo on my table (and the dolls couch ewww!)

The thought of rodents out there with all my valuable dolls, supplies and work sent me into a panic.
I still have to go through the big pine cupboard and declutter it. Its really overdue for a sort and clean anyway mainly used for housing hoarded 12 x 12 papers and card stock that I will most likely sell off in bundles. So here are some pictures of the lovely clean, streamlined and de cluttered space.

This one is from our office/reading area into the studio through a non opening window. the basket hanging from the ceiling is not usually there and I actually received something totally lovely in a swap that I have since hung there :) 

looking from the office area of the house into the studio

The dresser divides the room and beyond it is my Sons area. :)

Sons Sunny end of the studio.

In the reorganise I pulled my large worktable out from the wall to make it an island, doing this provided less small nooky hiding spots for small critters. I hadn't thought of doing it before and it has actually made my table layout better moving my sewing machine towards the end rather than having it in the centre. This also makes my work space more light and airy and makes things more accessible.


I stacked up these storage containers that house mainly fabric and have a thin board that I lay across the top to provide a flat surface, this is a great work area for me at an ideal height, I prefer to work standing up if I am not stitching. So cutting, choosing trims, laying out anything, dressing dolls for photos etc all happens here. The containers underneath with the red lids are used and washed Woolworths porridge containers that have my most often used trims, ric rac, lace & ribbon in them.


The dresser has a combination purpose. It displays things I love and stores doll clothes, it has my tools caddy there, its where I usually package orders. The drawers hold things I use in my packaging and other crafty stuff. All of my stamps and craft books are here too.

These drawers are not entirely sealed so slightly worrisome though I don't believe rodents actually live in the studio, they just visit there, especially when I leave chocolates out for them! I suspect they are living up in the roof. The drawers hold everything from patterns, to bagged up listings, things waiting to be sorted, receipts, craft mags, and fabric. I like using these for fabric as it fits fat quarters folded quite nicely and I can pull out a drawer and bring it with me into the house to do some cutting.


Maybe one day we will be able to 'properly' enclose this room and maybe one day my Son will out grow his trains and it will be all mine! ( insert wicked laugh ) but for now it is what it is, a not ideal, constant work in progress and a lovely more than adequate little place for me to play and work in. 
I'll post again soon with the swap goodies I sent off to Tamar and the most generous gorgeous swap goodies I received from the lovely Janelle Wind. x


  1. It looks great T, you have set the space up really well.
    *fingers crossed* you have no more critters visiting!!

  2. Oh I would also panic if I thought I had mice in the house, I´m so scared of any crawlies! The studio looks nice, it´s so wonderful to have a space for our hobbies. Right now I´m also de-cluttering and moving furniture around in my little home office that I share with my grown up son, but with a computer and scanner on top of my desk I hardly have space for my sewing machine, so I have to store it and bring it out when I need it, which is not ideal.


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