It started off with something a bit like this in the bottom of my cupboard. ( not these ones but pretty much the same thing )

I put one red and two white into a trench. Mounded it up a couple of times over the next couple of months. Barely paid any attention to it. then went out today and saw the green growth had withered and so grabbed my Fork and started to dig.

 A lovely Return for so little effort 

we had some of the paler ones for dinner tonight and oh my they are so good!


  1. They look tasty. Can't wait til we do our landscaping, and I have a big vegie garden again.

  2. We're loving the home grown spuds too, they're so prolific for such little effort.

  3. They look fabulous! There is nothing better than home grown. I just harvested a big crop of beans for our dinner tonight!


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