Granny Square Blanket

Last year I made my Daughters Blythe Doll this little Dolly Bed out of Scraps of wood in the backyard.
She wanted it painted purple and I didn't and we had a bit of a stand off then eventually decided to just leave it in its rustic undercoat.

I made her a pillow from a lovely Piece of Fabric sent to me by my friend Sue a year or two ago.
Then more recently I undertook this granny square project. My first one! And made her a blanket. I am really happy with how this turned out.

 It was the first time I have made multi coloured granny squares! 
Also the first time I have made a multitude of them and joined them all to create something larger!

Its certainly not perfect and I could afford to watch a few more you tube links on correct joining techniques. I am currently working on another set of granny squares and am enjoying discovering ways of anchoring patterns through colour use. In this one I used green as the central colour for each square and then added a green border to the completed joined squares.

Who wouldn't sleep sweetly under a hand made cotton blankie!


  1. Oh its gorgeous! I love the colours and love the little bed!
    I have made a lot of granny squares but am never happy when I join them... your's look great!

  2. Oh that blanket is so.cute!!


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