Easter Swap part 2

In this swap we didn't know who was sending to us until our packages arrived. I was lucky to be so very Spoiled by Janelle Wind

For My Girls Janelle sent an amazing owl had that I believe was made by the very talented Sheree Forcier and a sweet short sleeve knit from One Crafty Mumma

One of her own Easter dresses. From The Stitched Bluebird, there was also some lovely lindt chocolate in my package but that is already gone *blush*

And this gorgeous dress that co ordinates well with the pieces in the top photo.

Beautiful Bright Fabric!

This Gorgeous Stitcher pouch bought tears to my eyes. The colours are so gorgeous and its just so pretty and practical!

She even popped some supplies in and funnily enough earlier that day I had been thinking another smaller pair of scissors would be handy to have by the machine.

This bit of gorgeousness is hanging from the ceiling in my studio, its so pretty, it hangs over my head at my cutting area and is on a spring so occasionally I give it a gentle tug as I walk by and watch it bobbing up and down, the crystal sparkles in the light when it is moving :)

She also included this Beautiful Dusty Plum Necklace I love it! Its clever too as it can be worn as a brooch! I like it as a pretty statement piece around my neck but can see I may use it with scarves as it cools down :)

Thank you so much Janelle! I love everything and grateful doesn't even begin to describe how full I feel when I take pause to think about your generosity. x

Happy Easter to all my lovely readers. 
I hope you are having a beautiful day with people you love.


  1. Oh T, it is all so gorgeous, and so you!!
    Janelle obviously put a lot of thought into her gifts to you.

  2. Tammy I love each and every one of the beautiful gifts you received you lucky girl

    Sheree xx
    ps. So happy you liked the owl hat! xx


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