This Morning ...

We were running a little behind schedule. My boy had gone off to his room to get dressed for School and after a few minutes he called out' Mum can you come here for a minute?'

I was wondering what the problem was going to be that he needed me for but instead arrived to find a heart-warming artwork drawn in the condensation on the window. :)

Its a little person (him ) smiling holding hands with a big person ( me ) there are hearts above and between us as he loves me and I have just noted the bird as well. The rising Sun meant I could not capture the top of myself in these images.

I love observing his creative side blooming right now.


  1. Oh how that must have made you heart swell Tammy :

  2. awww melt the mothers heart...

  3. Super sweet.

    I'd forgotten about waking up in Canberra with the windows all foggy.


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