Rain Rain go away ...

... I'd like to dry some washing if I may.

While it is way too hot to have much grow in the potting shed during Summer  it does serve as a useful undercover spot to dry some washing, though it does take days when it is constantly raining and the humidity is in the 90% and above range. I rigged up a long stake on some hooks and hung hangers on it I can only do small amounts at a time and its not ideal. I had to make a compromise and have paid for a dryer that will be delivered Monday. Sometimes its hard to make a decision on something when there is home/family, environment, values, budget and general needs involved. Its often hard to meet the ideals in each area of need so a compromise needs to be made. This time budget and family won out. Environment lost. I could have had a much more energy efficient option that also catered to our other requirements but my budget wouldn't stretch the extra $1500.00.

Now that Autumn is upon us, soon it will be time to clean that potting shed up again and see what seedlings I can get going in there. I'm going to try some cherry tomatoes I have a volunteer seedling popping up in an outside pot right now :) and a lovely crop of self seeded baby spinach happening in the garden bed too.

Hope you are all safe and dry and if not that you see some sunshine soon. :)