Lovely Vintage Dolly things

Hello there lovely people! Lately I am extending my love of the vintage doll sewing patterns to the actual vintage outfits as well. It stands to reason, as I think this era of style from the mid 60's is beautiful and stylish. None of it would work on my body shape so I take joy from dressing my Blythes in this style. These things to buy as ready made are not inexpensive if you want the entire matching ensemble but I can pick up a piece here and there for good prices and this way I only get the ones that I love. 

Green dress and coat -Skipper town Togs #1922
Red Coat - Skipper Dress Coat #1906
Red Pleated Dress - Penny Brite
Boots - Vintage Barbie 'Squishy' Boots

I have added a couple of new patterns to my Collection now and am sewing from one of them at the moment. I'm always on the look out for any original Vintage sewing patterns for 9 1/2 inch dolls that are a reasonable price and have all the pieces and instructions. I enjoy sewing these old designs up in modern cotton prints :)

Dress made from Vintage Skipper pattern
McCalls 7480

I love taking out the vintage tissue cut by someone else in years gone by and wonder about its history as I confirm all pieces are there. Did some Mother or Grandma make these for a Daughter or Granddaughter or did a young girl lovingly cut them and make clothes for her own doll ? Its only the Vintage skipper patterns that fit Blythe, as over the years Skipper became taller and obtained breasts,basically her body size, shape and appearance totally changed. 

All the patterns I use have prices of 50c and 65c on the envelopes which amazes me. It all has me thinking about how times have changed and relishing the thought that some skills transcend time, passed on through generations of Mothers teaching Daughters over and over. 


  1. Your girls look great in their vintage outfits, love the green one, and the red coat!


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