Knitting - I've got it!!

When I started knitting again a few years ago, I was pulling what I remembered from my childhood years, when I was taught to knit at School?? That seems really odd to me, I don't actually remember learning in class but a school friend and I were knitting together and her Mum who didn't knit bought us each a lovely ball of Yarn Mine was caramel coloured. We would knit and compare at her house after School I think we were in year 1 or 2. Ahh but I am off on a tangent now, a trip down memory lane.

Blythe Knitted Cardigan with hood pattern by NxtDrGrrl

What I was actually wanting to say was if you look at the above image you will see some tiny brown crosses  that I digitally added around the middle of the photo. If you look above these you will see my knitting is 'casual' it has a wriggle to it no matter how I tried I could not knit lovely straight uniform rows of stitches like the ones I admired in other peoples knitting. Then look below at the lower portion of the hood ... Ta da ... I got it. I had been knitting into the wrong side of the stitch!

Though You tube tells me I am knitting into the wrong side of the stitch now... ? Maybe I am also purling back to front! lol. In any case my rows are smooth and straight now, not twisty and casual and I worked it out all by myself!


  1. I can crochet a bit but knitting completely flummoxes me! I am looking forward to seeing the finished cardi on one of the girls.

  2. You're doing well Tammy. Another thing: if possible make sure that when you leave your knitting you've knitted to the end of a row, it stops bumps from uneven tension coming up.

  3. Ahhh the fabukousness of utube. It has been a brilliant resource for my knitting as well : o )

  4. You know what I would never have picked the odd stitches until you pointed them out lol. I do love knitting and yay for You Tube lols

  5. Looks great Tammy! You've definitely got the hang of it now!

    Sheree xx

  6. I've been trying to teach myself how to knit recently. I reakky need to check out the you tube videos.


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