Wholemeal Flour

Is something I am starting to consciously use more in an effort to increase fibre in our diets but most especially the children's diets. As I introduce it and as I have a neat little stock pile of White flour I am combining both in recipes. 

I always mix up a double batch of pikelets and freeze half, sometimes more as they are quite filling and 1/2 will not always be eaten in the first sitting.
So for this batch I used 50% wholemeal and 50% white flour. In others if the recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups I have gone for 1 cup of wholemeal with 1/2 cup white. So far everything has turned out quite nicely, is more filling and the Children have not noted a difference in baked goods. Introducing wholemeal pasta is another story not quite as successful with them. lol

Oh and I know if you haven't been reading my blog for a long time you are thinking did she say waffles ... ?? No I make up pikelets in the waffle maker, which not only saves time as I don't have to flip to cook each side, but also eliminates the need to cook them in butter so then I feel Ok to eat them with Cream and Golden Syrup with my Afternoon Cup of Tea. ;)

Ahhh well seriously this pleasure does not really come with much guilt.
You will find the original Pikelet recipe I posted on my blog last year. Try switching out half the Flour and substitute it with wholemeal Flour and tell me what you think.

Any tips from those of you already baking with wholemeal flour?


  1. I too am trying to use more wholemeal and less white flour in my baking. Banana cake is one that is great with wholemeal flour substitute.

  2. I usually pop in a bit more of the raising agent when using all wholemeal flour in recipes Tammy.

    With the pasta -- try the kids on the tomato and spinach flavoured pastas first. They'll get used to the change in colour and find the bright colours fun, gradually you can work in more wholemeal pasta.

  3. I too make pikelets with half wholemeal flour, and they are definitely nicer and more satisfying. I also do the same with sweet muffins, and pizza dough. No one has complained yet! lol Cheers Michelle

  4. Same things happening here. I have been substituting wholemeal flour in for white flour for over a year now. Rarely has anyone in the family noticed. The wholemeal pasta has been a little trickier but they are okay with it on occasion (just not every time). A nice tomato/zucchini/garlic type sauce seems to help.
    Brown rice has been the issue around here. The kids are not fans of it at all. :(

  5. Good thinking... I like that clever way of adding goodness into their food (evil grin)

  6. I do 50/50 with every repe. No one ever notices! Can you tell me how you freeze your pikelets, Tammy. Just in a big batch? x

  7. I think your Pikelet recipe is very similar to what we call scotch pancakes here in the UK. We cook them in a frying pan and then before the top sets we add chopped banana, sultanas or grated apple - very yummy!


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