Filtering and Perception

This morning as we walked to School I saw this intricate and tiny toadstool glistening in the grass. From above it resembled a daisy. Last week I acquired an iphone and it holds great appeal in giving me ability to capture simple snapshots of everyday life in that instant. We were looking at it and I said 'Oh I'm going to take a photo of that!' We were all crouched down admiring it and I was trying to get a good angle. 

In that moment an older, high school girl rounded the corner and I was aware she stopped behind us and took her earphones out. I felt self conscious and didn't acknowledge her. She said 'What have you found?' 
'Just a toadstool' I replied, with a disappointed tone that conveyed it clearly was not something she would find interesting. I didn't make eye contact, expecting her to walk on.
She came around from behind me to the open side and took a closer look, then moved away, continuing on her way to School with out another word between us. 

Hmmm. So on the way home alone I was wondering why I didn't exclaim "Its a toadstool!" conveying the actual feeling I had of wonder at the amazing open structure of this tiny fungus. 

I concluded that I was filtering the experience through what I expected the other persons perception to be. I didn't expect she would find it remotely interesting and so I acted like it wasn't. I'm a bit sad in hindsight that I did this in front of my Kids. I wonder how often I do it in everyday life that I am unaware of?


  1. It is interesting how as people we make quick and yet huge assumptions about other people. Good on you for reflecting on it Tammy and actually working it out.
    Beautiful and interesting photo by the way. I like very much.

  2. It's hard sometimes I find myself being a little self conscious about what others may think too. I like to find joy in the simple things too, your fungus photo is very sweet. Just the other day I stopped and took a photo at school of a blue tongue lizard, it's fun to notice these things with your little ones:) x

  3. Oh Tammy - we all do that - we kind of try to play down our enjoyment in face of avoiding embarrassment or humiliation... It is okay...


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