Chantilly Lace ...

This is not a post about intricate French haberdashery think more along the lines of ...

"there ain't nothing in the world like a big eyed girl to make me act so funny make me spend my money" Big Bopper

That is what I have had rattling around in my head the last few days after adding another Blythe to my doll family and having my Blythe collection guide book arrive. The doll I added was a Precocious Candy's Mushroom and I have named her Ruby Cherry Opal. She has the most elaborate name of all the dolly girls.

Precocious Candy's Mushroom

Love her sweet face and pretty freckles! I am a bit of a sucker for read hair and freckles though its not usually this flame shade! If you are interested in my doll's there is a 'Meet the girls' Tab at the top of the blog where there is a little info about each one.

The other somewhat crazy thing I did was to purchase a Japanese book. That is -a book with predominately Japanese text. I call this somewhat crazy through the filter of other peoples judgement but I am not ashamed to say that I bought this for the photography and graphics I had seen glimpses of around the web. Following  are a few of images of  my/the Blythe Collection Guide book and my thoughts about it. :)

The cover leaves no doubt as to what lies inside :) 
Its simplicity of design is perfect in my eyes.

I do wonder what these sections say, though its not eating me up with curiosity.

Blythe Collection Guide Book

I love that each doll is presented on a graphic artistic background that ties in with the theme of her box pattern or stock clothing. Oh and that the stock is laid out plainly beside each dolls image and can be very clearly seen.

Blythe Collection Guide Book

I like that the 'Simply" dolls and 'Prima' dolls are laid out in groupings according to their release as shown in the example below.

Blythe Collection Guide Book

It really is a beautiful and artistic book that I think will help me make more informed decisions despite my inability to read Japanese! Having said that, If an English version was released I think the temptation to find out what the few text based pages and the technical pages say would be strong and I would most likely succumb. Then yet again I'd have that song I mentioned earlier spinning around my head.

Today I plan to do some baking, check the fitting of the School shoes and plan a related outing for tomorrow if needed, I have a pile of bright fabrics from the Moda sassy range cut into Doll dresses ready to be sewn and really I just want to take some time to sit and soak up my kids as our School holidays are drawing to a close. Its quite chilly here today as was yesterday with days sitting in the low 20's so its perfect weather for baking and snuggling!


  1. OOh I wondered about that book. Thanks for sharing the pics and yes, how good would an English version be!!
    Love your new girl :)

    1. The postage was steep Mel but it really is beautiful! I don't regret it at all.

  2. Love your new girl Tammy! You new book looks beautiful too. I wonder if they'll release an English version?

    Sheree xx

  3. Well you know how much I love PCm - she is just so beautiful and possibly one of the most gorgeous set of special eye chips I have seen. LOVELY! And I don't think that book purchase is crazy. I absolutely want it. Its been on the wish list for awhile but busily paying of dolls right now. As soon as I have pocket money, I'll be ordering too. Glad you loved it! How far back does it go back Tammy? Obviously not back to Kenners but the very first NEO's?

    1. Yes Miss Kate. Parco is the very first girl and it goes forward from there doll by doll sectioned in years. With Petites and then Middies at the end.


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