Birds are returning.

The silver eyes are here for the food. They love the ripening figs.

Silver Eyes eating Figs

Silver Eyes eating Figs

The honey eaters come for a bath in the deep water bowl. This hasn't been a fixture for too long and its interesting to watch from the kitchen window as they come and splash about. Its not a problem to keep this full as with all the rain we have been experiencing this summer our tanks are overflowing.

White-plumed honey Eater

We haven't noticed white-plumed honey eaters here before and they were quite 'flighty' so this is a long zoom to capture the sweet looking visitor, there were also two others but they were not eager enough after I appeared outside. The red wattlebird landed quite close as it didn't notice me at first.

Red Wattlebird

Hope you have a lovely weekend. x


  1. Lovely pictures Tammy love the one eating the fig

    1. Me too Cathy. The one up the top is gorgeous but the one with the baby asking for food also deserved a share :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jo. I don't manage my time well enough to maintain two blogs right now so will be incorporating more of the garden happenings here.

  3. What stunning photos!!!


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