Two can play at that game.

The following  images mess courtesy of a few cockatoo's.

They make a terrible mess!
The worst part is that they don't even actually want the fruit they mainly want the seed so they throw most of the fruit to the ground. I would happily give them the seeds if only they would wait until I have removed the fruit! After chasing them away multiple times a day which was very ineffective I just decided to keep them out of the tree by ...

I'm not looking forward to washing and de-seeding all these little things but at least we get some. By the time this tree fruited last year I was so over plums. I'm not sure if its a little earlier this year or if I was more mentally prepared for the onslaught of ripe fruit than last summer. The previous owner said that these make a very nice jam.

Sadly the cockatoo's are still winning having virtually cleaned the Nectarine tree off and they eat a small portion realise they are still green and drop them! This makes me mad as I love fresh Nectarines.

As I turned to walk away with the basked of  bull ace I see two cockatoo's alight in one of the Sugar plums on the other side of the garden. grrr.


  1. Oh those naughty cockatoos.
    Have you tried anything to deter them?

  2. Oh no Tammy how frustrating!!! I hope you get some nice jam out of what you've managed to save!

    Sheree xx

  3. Tammy the colour of these plums are just divine, I'm sure you will find many uses for them.
    I also have a Cockatoo problem so I feel your pain! Thank you for playing along.

  4. Can you use bird netting on the trees? It might discourage them. Good luck!


  5. Oh, cockatoos are so frustrating! They used to knock of all of our pecan nuts! Kids with slingshots work well at detering them!

  6. What little pests! They used to sit on our deck and try to chew the wooden rails... So naughty! I hope you at least make some yummy jam! X

  7. LOL! I can just see the birds sitting in a tree rolling their eyes at you and saying to each other "well the plums are out tonight, lets try the nectarines and then tomorrow the sugar plums will be ready!"


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