She sews!

 Little Miss has been bugging me for ages to teach her to sew and if you are a regular reader you would know she has tackled a few small projects before but now, just like her Mama, she wants to make doll clothes!

Teaching how to flatten a fuzzy end when threading needle.

Here I am teaching her how to thread the needle herself. I cut the wool blend felt from the pattern for her she pinned most of by herself. I opted to cut the thicker felt as didn't want her handling my fabric scissors and meeting defeat at the first step. I tried my best to explain some basics of construction and stitching to her.


She took it all on and had sewed this garment astoundingly well! She wanted to add embellishment which she selected and sewed on herself. The only thing I continuously did was tie the knots in her thread and assist with  placement and fitting. She made a beautiful dress and I am amazed at the quality of it for her very first try! 
If you would like to see her completed dress pop over to her blog for a peek!


  1. Awww Tammy she's done such a great job on her little dress! Just left her a little comment on her blog. :)

    Sheree xx

  2. Good on her for persisting. I have booked my 10 year old daughter into sewing lessons of a Thursday afternoon for this year ... hope she learns lots!

  3. Oh super proud mama moment!!
    Well done on helping but letting her do so much, that is often the hardest bit :)

    Love your new banner too!!

  4. What a lovely must feel so proud...i love it when i see my daughter sewing and know that she has skills to take with her into life.

  5. She has such patience for her age. That's a very good quality indeed. x

  6. Lovely Tammy, what great memories she will have.

  7. That is just fantastic!


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