I suspect ...

2012 might be the year I start quilting. Or at the very least patchwork.
Here are some of the reasons...
I know what a swoon along is.
I seem to be constantly adding more to my 'makes me want to try a quilt' pin board.

Please follow the pinterest link  above 
 or click on the board image for the photo credits 

I am adding more quilters to my Flickr contacts.
I'm saving lots of fabric scraps.
I envision my next cushion covers for the couch as patchwork squares.
I'm thinking about doll quilts and picnic blankets for my etsy shop.
and the most damning evidence is ...

I bought a rotary cutter and small square ruler.

When it happens I'll be sure to share it here :)

I hope you have a great Tuesday. x


  1. I've been thinking along similar lines too. I've started picking up scraps for a quilt I'd love to make for Julia (and hopefully, eventually all the kids). Have you seen the Maggie and Sparrow quilts? Very inspiring. All I need now is a good how-to quilting book. Keep us updated!

  2. I suspect you do have a bug for quilting Tammy. Well it certainly is my passion, need help with anything? just let me know.
    here's my Flickr addy should you want to take a look http://www.flickr.com/photos/sharethejourney/

  3. I have big dreams this year Tammy to actually complete a quilt...I half heartedly started one early last year that is still sitting there is squares. My dream is to make a vintage sheet quilt for my bed and then hopefully do a quilt each for the kids.
    I'm with Tania...the Maggie and Sparrow quilts are just gorgeous :)
    Good luck and keep us posted.

  4. Oh you definitely should! :) I love patchworking! :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!
    PS. I'm now following your blog - it's delightful! Please come visit at Just For Daisy.

  5. Be warned its addictive.

  6. To be honest I can't believe you haven't succumbed already...2012 will definitely be your year to quilt! :)

  7. I can see some mini ones for the dolls!!! BUt a smaller cutter would be better for that (wink)

  8. Go for it Tammy! I can't wait to see what you create!

    Sheree xx


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