I baked :)

In my last post I mentioned and linked to the Condensed Milk biscuits right down at the bottom of the post. This was my first time making this recipe. It makes a dig batch of plain cookie dough.

I scooped out a portion added some vanilla and Smarties and made some fun Smartie cookies.

While they were baking I added some Orange rind and Coconut to another batch. Oh heres a little tip too, I keep some oranges in a plastic bag in the freezer and it makes it so much easier to finely grate the rind on a frozen piece of fruit  ;)

I also added Spices, Sultanas and Raisins to another portion of dough, that is also when I  discovered weevils in the walnuts but that's another story. Lastly I added some Vanilla and Choc chips to another portion. I rolled each portion in baking paper and popped them all in together, double bagged and into the freezer.

I made just over a dozen cookies today and estimate another 5 dozen ready to be cut in the freezer now! 
The cookies are quite nice, not my usual type of recipe, sweeter and crunchier but the plain dough lends itself to such a wide variety of flavourings its a winner in my books.

I'm playing at getting back on top of my food management these days- its a money saving venture ;)
Had best go and sort out my pantry I am so hoping those weevils were confined to the one sealed container I found them in.


  1. Gidday Tammy. How are you? Happy New Year. Have been keeping a close eye on all your Blythe creations and although no one is interested in them at the moment, I'll know where to come just in case Emelia does get interested.

    Tammy, I just started my first ever linky party today and if you wanted to share any of your recipes or Blythe fashions, I'd love for you to link up.

    Thanks Tammy!

    Anne xx

  2. Tammy those cookes look delicious!!!

    Sheree xx

  3. Yum!

    Tammy we keep nuts in the fridge and in the case of pecans which my in-laws grow and we get in bulk in the freezer. Keeps the weevils away. And if you get moths in the pantry - cloves help.

  4. I love this recipe I used to make a ton of them, Ahh thats why I put on weight.

  5. I have been after a biscuit recipe like this for the longest time. Some days it's so hard to find the time to bake when a million other things require your attention so having some in the freezer ready to go is perfect.

  6. A friend found weevils in her corn flour today!

    We don't usually get them in Tassie.

    I hear the eggs are always in our flour etc - just in the tropics warmth they hatch... I recall when we lived in Asia - we had to sift flour - to get them out! I recall a neighbour used to buy bulk flour. Sealed batches of it and stored in in the fridge. So only a small portion was in the sealed containers in the pantry.

    Weird living in Tassie as I often leave things in the pantry that many friends on the mainland would keep in their fridge like peanut butter etc...

  7. This recipe is a stand-by for me too Tammy. I make it with 1 cu of custard powder instead of 1/2 a cup f the flour. Yummiest! x

  8. I looked up this recipe and it looked great! Do you or anyone on here know the conversions from Australian measure to U.S. measures? Not sure if our cup sizes are the same. I am pretty sure 400 grams is about 14 ounces here, and our condensed milk comes in 12oz cans, so I will get 2 of those but not sure on the cup measurements. I would sure like to try them. Thanks for your help!

  9. @MSW Mom Jan this converter is also linked at the Down to Earth Forum. I hope this helps you with your measurements. :)

  10. @Maxabella That sounds Yummy too! Might try it next :)


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