Feeling Flat

My Day started off nicely enough, A little bit of a sleep in and a visit from 4 young Crimson Rosella's at Breakfast time. 

He pretty quickly abandoned the plum tree and joined his friends eating grass seeds, over past the vege garden :)

Some Purple fabric I had ordered to meet a customer request arrived

These roses that I picked this morning filled the studio with an amazing perfume that bouyed me as I wrapped up the customer orders for the post

So on a day when I was treated to such beauty and pleasure why am I feeling flat and lacking motivation? I can only put it down to the heat and while its not extremely hot by any measure It just drains me. I think I'll be treating my self to some iced water with some lemon slices and an early night. Being kinder to myself would help me tolerate hotter weather I think. 

 These beautiful things I took time to photograph are the things I will talk about tonight when we speak of what we are grateful for. Something new we started to do as a family this year.

Hope you have had something beautiful in your day today!
if your day is beginning be on the lookout :)


  1. Not yet, I was up all night with a poorly boy and just having my first coffee now and its 10am.

    1. Oh I am Sorry to hear that Cathy I hope he is feeling better now and your day was not too hard. x

  2. Tammy sometimes we just have days like that...and yes the heat always takes it out of me too. I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling a lot better! Love your photos from today!

    Sheree xx

  3. I am hoping the weather isn't as hot tomorrow. I often feel the same way in the heat. While I had a very hectic day today, it was my last day of work. I am now on 12 months leave and get to enjoy staying at home with my gorgeous kiddies! So I am grateful for flexible working conditions and a wonderfully supportive husband.

    1. Oh that is awesome Melissa, I know you wanted to take some leave this year! I too am hoping for not so hot and am enjoying the cool of this pre 7am air. At least these hot spells seem to be only lasting a few days so far. x

  4. We have rainbow lorikeets that visit here, along with the butcher birds and magpies lol.. Love the purple fabric! Cheers

    1. We are too far down for Lorikeets but do get lots of other beautiful birds. I strted cutting some purples last night. ;o)x

  5. I know what you mean. It's not exceptionally hot but, with the persistent cool temps and now the sticky humidity, I think our physical selves are a bit overwhelmed.


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