Last Day of School.

Thank goodness for we are all most certainly ready for a break.

Teachers Gifts

I don't beat myself up too much about the things I 'would have liked to' do as opposed to 'the thing I actually did' any more. Its not healthy. I did get to make Jam from Berries in our garden for the teachers and I added in something from the shops instead of something home baked. 

The first picture is the prettier one and this is a wider view of the end of the bench.
It was crazy this morning with gifts, last day of School party supplies, things left over from yesterday.

So above you see the gifts behind them some extra jars of jam and maybe a shopping list. Further back are the berries I picked yesterday and the Apricots I collected yesterday a paint chip and my plant. A partially cleared table in the background. The rest of the bench that I wasn't photographing was a busy messy place.

I decided this will be a perfect gift wrapping station later today.
Still a few things to wind up to be ready for 'the day' but glad to have a few more things behind me too.

Remember to take a pause and see something beautiful in your chaos. Be kind to yourselves
Don't beat yourself up about the 'I would have liked to' statements. Its a busy time of the year but it doesn't have to be crazy too.



  1. Boysenberry jam is my absolute favourite. I could eat the jar! And very nice jars yours are as well.

    Merry Christmas to you, Tammy! x

  2. As an ex-teacher I have been the recipient of many end of year presents. The very best 'presents' I ever received were the genuine words of thanks penned in cards from parents and children or handmade gifts. I still have some wonderful handmade Christmas decorations received over the years. There are only so many chocolates you can eat or soap you can use. (A confession here: many of these were re-gifted anyway) Homemade jam is just perfect!

  3. Be kind to yourself...I like that :)
    I decided before December hit that I was going to go gently towards the big day and not stress the small's been so worth it to get to this point and geel so relaxed.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Tammy.


  4. The jars of jam look great T, I bet the teachers loved them!!
    I hope you managed to get your bit of wrapping done while the kids were still at school, enjoy the last few days before Christmas now that school is out :)


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