Its beginning ...

to look a lot like .... Christmas!

In my last post I said I wanted our first Christmas in this home to be lovely so what is it that makes it lovely?
Part of it is the decorating and decor and  for me 'lovely' incorporates elements of the things I love. This means we will be making and displaying some handmade goodness of varying levels. 

Our Family Christmas tree goes up tomorrow, the one our gifts will be placed under and this afternoon I re purposed this dead plant. Which some of you may remember I said I had earmarked for a craft project, earlier in the year.

It sits upon a sheltered outdoor table with two of my handmade willow wreaths next to it.

This is my little 'tree' adorned with spots and stripes, cut out with the PapertreyInk Tiny Tags dies. Not remotely traditional but most certainly lovely by my standards.

 If you celebrate it, What makes a 'lovely' Christmas at your house?


  1. Oh I LOVE it T!!
    A few years in a row my two decorated two dead plants at our front door with baubles :)

  2. Lovely by my standards as well Tammy,what a great idea.

  3. It's lovely Tammy. For me getting out all of my old decorations and hanging them on the tree alongside the handmade decorations the girls have made over the years. And the other most importantly is seeing how excited the girls are mostly the little one these days:) xx

  4. What a great idea for giving new life to an otherwise dead plant...I really like it :)
    Lovely for me is the excitement that my kids feel as Christmas approaches, spending time together as a family and all the handmade decorations that we bring out year after year and add too.

  5. I love this. I always plan to have a minimalist and elegant display like this but never do. It is lovely that it reflects your art.


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