Decorated Christmas Tree

Yesterday I constructed our tree and we decorated it, Sad to say I was a of a grumpy Grinch in the lead up to doing this during the day.

The rest of our Christmas decor will evolve in bits and bobs around the place over the next week or so. Before I was a Mama I had a green tree with gold and red garlands and clear glass or white decorations. Elegant and coordinated. Now we have a green tree with red and gold garlands. Clear glass is joined by a riot of colour in enamel, plastic, wood, paper, fabric and felt. No longer elegant and refined but definitely displaying the personality of our family and for that I love it! 
We each add one new ornament each, every year and I make a list recording who added which one. Its a little tradition I started when My Girl was born and the kids really look forward to getting their new ornament now :) They love having them revealed in the unwrapping too. 

Are there any special traditions relating to the tree in your family :)


  1. Love to see you all decorating your tree :)
    I can relate to the grumpy grinch too, I get around it now by putting the tree up and lights on it myself and the kids then come home to a tree ready to decorate (well thats when the 1st falls on a school day!)
    We have the same ornament tradition, only we make a special trip to the shops and my two pick their own ornament now. I love to see their personalities reflected in what they chose :)
    It does make for a very eclectic tree...very different to the trees we had before kids!!

  2. Lovely family scene duplicated all over the world just lovely.


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