Busy time of the Year

Hi  lovely readers, if any of you are still out there.
Its busy here as the school year winds up and there are assemblies and performances to attend. Our social commitments are minimal but its the winding up and finishing of things - the children's activities - that makes it busy.

I have taken a little break from sewing for my shop and have just been sewing for my own dolly girls making them all a new dress to wear on Christmas day. I'm having fun with these girls in the doll community and will try to share some of my thoughts on their appeal to me next year.

Ella's style.
Prima Dolly Aubrey

I have also started dipping my toes into the doll customisation waters and it is a great creative outlet for me. :)

Molly's Style
Simply Mango

For all of these dresses I have used Natalie Lymer's new Woodland fabric range it is really beautiful to sew with. I will make up some more with this fabric when I start shop sewing again. :)

Graces Style
Custom Petite Wanderling by Ragazza of Blythe studio

In addition to these 4 dresses I have two more in Christmas Prints. One for my Daughters Girl and one for a new member to my rapidly expanding Dolly Clan. I have managed to buy a doll known as 'Margaret meets Ladybug' that was being sold by a lady who found her in an op shop! She looked a little bit beaten up in her photos and I will receive her next week and find out the full extent of it.

Nariko's Style
Punkaholic People

I expect my blog posting to be sporadic over the coming weeks as we enter School holidays and enjoy the season.

I wish you a lovely Merry and Safe holiday season with loved ones.


  1. These are the sweetest dolly dresses, and the fabric is so lovely.
    These Blythe dolls sure are becoming quite popular amongst many bloggers, and their seems to be a bit of a market for their handmade clothes and accessories I've noticed.
    Wishing you a happy Christmas. x

  2. Still reading :) the little doll dresses are so cute! I love the little tiny belts. I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Have a lovely time Tammy!


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