On today's agenda.

I have both oranges and apples that need to be used so Orange cake and apple muffins are planned.

This morning I picked the first ripe boysenberries. I am so very glad I trellised these there is so much visible fruit and all in various stages. I know most of these aren't technically ripe but these few red ones will add a bit of extra tang to the jam I am dreaming up and I didn't want to risk the birds noticing them :)
I popped them in the freezer whole as I did with last summers blackberries.

This afternoon I'll be doing some more work on some doll dresses that a lovely lady ordered from me. I was in the studio this morning and needed a break, baking was on my to do list so its off to the kitchen I go.
I have some left over Veges and Mash in the fridge from Monday night so Shepherd's pie for Dinner tonight.

Have a lovely Wednesday. x


  1. Are you still getting the Aust Farmers Direct boxes? I'm getting my first one this afternoon. I'm wondering if I'll end up with the mass of onions that you did!

  2. Oh Tammy, I wish I had your huge berry patch, but that said, mine is growing now too. I will be harvesting like you shortly...a few at a time, and popping them in the freezer. At the end of the season I will see what I have, and go from there. Too bad a kilo couldn't get ripe all at once...lol
    I love orange cake and apple muffins, I think I will make some muffins today for the boys lunches.


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