Its raining it pouring!

Hello there lovely readers, if any one is still around. I know I have been scarce around here lately. I have been busy sewing. Yes, still working on dolly clothes and loading a few to my shop. :) My latest effort is these shorts and top sets I decided to keep one though so one will go in my shop when I have it finished and get a nice day to take some photos!

We had crazy storms here yesterday afternoon and last night the whole works thunder, lightening, pouring rain, hail and wind in the earlier part of it. We are all safe and sound which was not the case for everyone. We are on a slight slope and could see water running down our pathways like streams as it made its way toward the road and drains. Its raining again now a lovely saturating constant rain.

I'm reading Jackie French the wilderness garden and though I am only a short way into it it is resonating with me and I am looking at the garden a little differently.

I had a special request to make Thomas a Santa hat that would fit over his funnel a few days ago, so I took a break from the shop sewing and struck a more relaxed pace making this up last night.

Little Mr is delighted with it!
I have a lot of Christmas craft ideas and am prioritising my dolly sewing but will be flipping the weight soon for a while and putting more of a focus on crafting for home : ) Then I will come back to more focused shop sewing in the new year.

We are planning to put our Christmas Tree Up this weekend and there are three weeks of School left.
I'd like our First Christmas in this home to be so lovely. That is my Plan. :)

Happy Wednesday to you all, when are you putting your trees up or have you already done it?


  1. Love the Thomas hat Tammy,very cute.

  2. Cute Thomas!

    WOW those little tiny shorts are so cute - especially the one with a different fabric hem!!! Insainly cute!

  3. That is the cutest sewing request and Thomas looks great.
    I havent heard of this Jackie French book, you'll have to give us a review. x

  4. Loving that little Christmas hat Tammy! SO cute! Really enjoying all the Blythe creations & seeing your enthusiasm for these little Blythe creatures soar! Lovely to have passions.

    Kate xo

  5. Tammy, for me, I think the Wilderness Garden is one of her best :)

  6. Tammy you are sewing some of the cutest little clothes, I don't know how you do it they would be very tricky for me. I love Thomas's santa hat, very cute. Tonight is the night for us to put up the tree and the girls can't wait. Have a great Friday Tammy. x

  7. I'm not sure when to put up the tree, seems too far away!! Maybe I don't want to admit quite yet that another year is almost over.....


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