How I wore my Hair today

I like having my hair a little longer but hate having it down the sides of my face so today I took a bit of inspiration from all the 'popular' styles I am seeing getting pinned on pinterest and did something I haven't done since probably my early teens and braided it across my head.

Leaving the rest to fall into its natural waves it kept it off my face and also felt 'pretty'

Usually I'm a ponytail girl so it was nice to do something a little different.
Hard to photograph though ;o)


  1. It is pretty Tammy! I don't think I could do that with my hair. Messy messy braid maybe LOL

  2. It's nice Tammy! I've never had long hair so my hair is what it is. Options look fun.

  3. It is very pretty Tammy:) I'm usually a pony tail girl too but love some of those styles I see I wish I was as clever as you are. xo

  4. I'd like to do that but my fingers turn to thumbs when I try playing with my hair!

  5. cute T!
    All that playing with Dolly hair must be transferring to real life ;)

  6. Very pretty. I must give this style a try too now. x


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