Chasing Ravens

At first I was chasing these magnificent birds trying to capture a photo.
They are beautiful with their shiny black feathers and imposing size, their white eyes are a little unnerving though also intriguing in that they are not common among birds.

Now I am just trying to chase them away as they bring their young down and collectively destruct our garden, eat our green fruit, bathe in and drink from our ponds, frighten most of the other birds away and I suspect eat our goldfish!
Not to mention the noise.

I have seen up to 5 together at one time and know the nest is quite close by.
Here is some more information for anyone interested

Wishing you a lovely weekend. xx


  1. Tammy I had one land on the table where I was eating lunch the other day, it was so big and it eyed me so beadily I thought it may take a peck at me! I am a wuss about birds being near me.


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