The Big 4 0!

That's me. :)
 Yesterday was my Birthday and what a lovely day it was!

I started out with a Happy Birthday Chorus from my family and some excited present giving. I love how excited the kids are when giving . They both chose mugs for me.

The beautiful Kangaroo scene was given by Little MR and the crafty owls by little Miss. She is learning to give and choose gifts that the recipient would like and Little Mr is still quite confidant that if he loves it then it is to be shared :) I love them both.

I love the box of the Miss peacock owl cup too!

I got a really special gift from my Mr but I'm saving that till the end. :)

At Pre School one of my friends sons presented me with a card he made for me at home. :)

I went out for lunch with one of My Sisters and my Dad, Dads treat :)
Dad gave me a tear jerker home made card and lots of lotto tickets. 
Gorgeous Sis gave me this Cheery Begonia, its in my studio!

While I was out I purchased a new summer top and some lovely, comfy, summery sandals for myself!

I got lots and lots of lovely twitter Birthday wishes, DTE Forum Birthday love and there were also text messages and phone calls from some friends and family.

So the big heavy OMG surprise special gift was this ...

I was carefully unwrapping and saw it was a hard cover book with a very non de-script cover. I carefully lifted it and couldn't believe it as I saw Girls Wear Blue Too embossed in gold down the spine of the first book! I felt a bit teary but it passed quickly and I seriously think I was just in a happy kind of shock. Its a bit slow motion in my mind I was overwhelmed with emotion.

He had my blog printed in large format hard cover books!!
Every year has its own title page and contents index. The format is different to my blog but its all there! Amazing!

In the evening The Mr BBQed some Marinated chops and served them up with crunchy baked potato and sweet potato, corn on the cob, carrots, broccoli and Peas.

and lastly here I am with an odd expression cutting my Caramel Mud Cake that we had for desert. 
( I think I was listening to something a child was saying ?? )

An absolutely lovely.
Perfectly Perfect Birthday. :)


  1. What an amazing day...glad you really enjoyed it all, the blog books are brilliant too...what a thoughtful man you have there.
    Happy Birthday, Tammy

  2. Happy happy birthday to you Tammy:) It sounds like you had a really lovely day, perfect company, yummy dinner and dessert and amazing gifts. What a thoughtful gift your hubby got for you. xox

  3. What a fabulous present for a blogger! Your guy wins the prize! Happy birthday, Tammy, and many more.

  4. What a lovely family and a lovely gift of your blog in book! WOW would love to know where that is done?
    Love reading the blog, warmest wishes, Renelle

  5. Oh my goodness Tammy! That's an absolutely wonderful present. What a man you've got there. (Hope you got my Twitter birthday greeting?)

    Hope you had a lovely day yesterday and by the sounds of it you did.

    Anne xx

  6. Fantastic Tammy! Pleased iit was such a good day AND he even thought of something SO GOOD!!! Men can truly surprise us!

  7. So glad it was so lovely for you Tammy. Hugs.

  8. What a great day for you. I love hubbys gift, what amazing love and thought must have gone into that

  9. Happy birthday Tammy!
    Welcome to the big 40 club.
    I think those books are the best prezzy ever. x

  10. What a clever Mr you have Tammy!! Happy 40th!!

  11. Happy birthday Tammy! I do love that book. Where was it done? It will be a wonderful keepsake for you and your family over the years - and I'm sure there will be more volumes to add in the future.

  12. Oh, welcome to the exclusive Big Four-Oh Club, Tammy! I'm so pleased to see you were treated. And the blog-to-book idea is sensational - what a thoughtful hubby you have! J x

  13. Happy Happy Birthday Tammy!

    What a fabulous gift from your partner. So very very special. You've got a good one ;)

  14. What a special day T :) Belated Birthday wishes for you. Love your flowers too they are beautiful and bright

  15. What wonderful presents! Happy birthday for last week! :D


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