Working with Wood

Slightly out of my comfort zone, broadening my skill set.
the potting shed becomes my workshop.

The Story - Little Miss would like a bed for her new doll when she arrives ... 'could we make it out of wood? she says. I start thinking about all the scrap wood in a pile up at the back of the yard 'sure' I say hesitantly in response.

I found some heavier and some light wood. I'd like it to be more solid but it needs to be a comfortable weight for her to play with.

I used a hacksaw to cut it to size (I'm sure there must be an easier way to do this)
Pulled all the rusty staples out with the pliers. Attempted to join it with a staple gun, hence one well embedded shiny staple. However staples were not long enough.

We purchased small nails and I assembled the bed base with slats. I then decided to use the longer piece for a bed-head and tried to attach it with long nails, however they were not long enough ... 
So I bought out the wood glue and a big clamp

and will see how its doing in the morning.

 I love being able to make something out of junk.


  1. Looks awesome!

  2. Wood glue and liquid nails are used quite a bit around here and at work. Looks good so far Tammy.


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