The studio door

We have had a few warmer days here. The Roses are starting to bloom and putting on a glorious show outside the studio door! In the early evening on warmer days the perfume of the roses lingers on the air and it is nothing short of divine it never fails to lift my spirits make me pause and appreciate that moment.

Yesterday was the first time in weeks I did not take the cover off my sewing machine.
I went out and tidied up my creative sewing mess and did a little reorganising. I took a pause and am regrouping a little. The garden is amazing right now and the weeds are crazily rampant but mostly the beauty of intended plants still outshines them. A good wander outside with my camera and nature was welcome. I'm still knitting Doll clothes though, tweaking and fine tuning my very own pattern which is exciting for me!! Something I never envisioned I would ever do.

I decided that I will be opening an Etsy sore in the near future selling Dolly things, the icon is over there on the left in my sidebar. Right now I am questioning the quality of my craftsmanship and if it is up to saleable scratch. I guess if I price fairly in light of my inexpert skill level that it will all work out as fair.

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday!


  1. Oh that sounds like fun Tammy!

    My weeds are growing as I weed - I am so sure if it!!! Will try to tackle them again tonorrow...


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