A space for sewing!!

I don't thinks its permanent and its far from perfect but I am so excited and grateful to be able to use this space this way. Lately I have been sewing, mostly dolly clothes but still getting out my machine every day and had it out the week prior too, this saw me starting to leave it in the hall way for easier access. I also had pattern pieces and fabric cutting in other spots around then yesterday I thought 'wouldn't it be great if I could leave my machine set up' which sparked a train of thought. I proposed my idea to The Mr. He proposed a counter idea to me and I got to work making these ideas happen.

Here is where I am set up. Its an enclosed Verandah that used to house the birds of the previous owners. It gets incredibly hot during the afternoon which was my main concern. I have shared this room before on my blog here. In the picture above the window you see my reflection in, looks into the house and the other smaller window to outside this one can be opened and also locked.

The old trestle table was in the shed I dusted it off and cleaned it but the surface was still not great I went looking for something to cover it with and found this old table cloth in my fabric box to be 'recreated', it fit perfectly. The old chair was in the shed too and is not 'pretty' ( I have reupholstering plans ) and remember these curtains? They were in the shed too I din't want to either keep them or give them away ... lol ... a very fortuitous keep!
I grabbed them and they are attached with staples along the wood beam at the top of the laser light wall. Its still warm and will get worse in summer but the temp/vibe in the room changed immediately.

As this room/space previously housed birds it smells a little odd - birdseedy stale I guess. It has these flap vents at the bottom of each of the laser light panels, they securely bolt closed from the inside and can be propped open with pavers to hold them up. There is also a door at the other end of this room and it is all very secure with crim safe screens on the door and window.

This is a shared space, we set up another old table at the other end, a low one that little Mr now has his Thomas ( and many friends ) trains set up on. It was a random play space largely unused in winter so I am happy we can use it more productively now too. Now as if all of that is not exciting enough there is one more table yet to come into play ...  the one you see against the other end wall here.

I have designs on this as a cutting table!! 
So from many things that were laying around I now have a place to sew that I do not have to pack up each time we eat a meal! Its not my perfect space but I love that I have it! 


  1. WooHoo!! Great that you are making use of a space in your house, even better that it is now a creating area for you :)

  2. Space is space hey Tammy! Good thinking have fun:)

  3. This is wonderful and it will encourage you to sew more if you have everything at the ready. Well done!
    And Little Mr will be good company when he's busy in there with yoy.

  4. WOooo Hooooo

    Great - your own area! AWSOME. I get to sick of having to put my machine away and etc etc etc every time I finish. ONE day I will have my space. In the plans for the to one day happen renovations...

  5. Cool, so nice to have! I have a closed in verandah too and it just gets too hot in summer and too cold in winter to use unfortunately. Enjoy your space!

  6. Great use for that space, I don´t use my machine much because I also have to pack it up daily, so it puts me off.


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