A peek in the Studio!

As you enter from the main door in the house this is what you see.
The beautiful dresser was given to us by the previous owners of this home. The black and chrome draws given to us by The Mr's family at his home away from home. I didn't tidy up for these photos but just took them as it stands this Sunday morning.

The lower shelf of the dresser is largely clear and where I do my cutting with the big shot, wrap my shop orders, do stamping and get things together ... a work surface. The drawers mainly hold inks, stamps and embellishments but some other odds and ends too.  I have some pretty, some sentimental and some special things that just make me smile mixed in amongst the practicalities.

Small drawers hold tiny doll sized buttons, beads, flowers and pretty embellishments for dolly things.

I think I could be starting a collection of teeny tiny dolly shoes too! they intrigue me in their detail. You see a little something I am currently working on there too, it will be in my etsy shop soon. ;)

The higher shelves have baskets of paper craft punches, adhesives & bits and bobs. The top is stamp sets in CD cases, boxes and plastic clam shells.

This table is my main work area. I don't need much space to iron little doll clothes, so do it on a cloth to the left of the table. At the back right side of my table I pin and cut. The basket is full of ribbons and trims mainly colour-coded in ziplock bags. It so happens that the strip running between the two windows is metal so it has become a magnet board its handy and pretty! a practical placement. The white tub you see on the floor is where I sweep my small fabric scraps off the table when I finish cutting. I have plastic drawers under my cutting section which elevate it to a comfortable height and hold the small print fabrics I would use for dolls  things.

The other end of the room is my sons space and home to his collection. The pine cupboard holds most of my card stock and paper, Scrap book Albums, Tools, and also some more fabric!

I like sharing this space with him to hear his dialogue as he plays. Its sweet. 
I'm really happy with how this space come together using an inherited dresser, two tables & a set of drawers that were other peoples cast off's given to us.

I hope you liked having a peek at where I spend a lot of my time lately!


  1. Oh I do like the way you have the iron right next to the sewing machine. That is genius. You've got me thinking now.
    The rest of your studio is pretty impressive too.

  2. That room looks so good now you have done a lovely job :)

  3. SO nice to have your own craft space...

  4. Wow, you are so lovely and organised. It looks great. I really must give my study an overhaul!

  5. I really like it when people show off their crafting space, almost as interesting nd revealling as a book shelf peek. Yours is lovely, all that natural light, and the dresser is an absolute beaut x


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