New paint colours

Ok so here it was before we started to move the furniture back in. It might be a bit hard to make out the angles and room shape from these photos we still haven't put the knobs back on yet at this stage. 
The end of the wardrobe as you enter the room is Dulux young leaf ( green ) This wall will have a feature on it, that is as yet undecided but will most likely be artwork. The wardrobe interior is also this colour as was little Mr's independent choice.

From inside the room looking back towards the door 
Every other wall in the room is blue, the colour is Dulux post boy. All the trim and doors are painted with Dulux antique white USA. I love how this turned out! we will bring some more colour into the room with the desk and I have bedside table plans too.

Corner shown in  photo on last post

The room looks so much lighter now and we think it has a lot to do with the surface and sheen of the paint. The suede effects had no real reflective properties, this low sheen does a better job. These photos were taken on an overcast rainy afternoon.

Looking into room from outside with wardrobe door also open
I'm aware I haven't shown my Little Miss's finished room yet but I'm waiting for a tidy opportunity to show it all finished, she has moved right in and made herself at home. xx


  1. Love the colours fact I have those same paint chips here by the computer thanks to your original post a few months ago :)

  2. It looks lovely and fresh, Tammy. Well done! J x

  3. Having actually seen the room only a few weeks ago, all I can say is "wow!" I hope the little mister is equally enchanted, I'm sure he is.

  4. oh ow I like those colours!

  5. Looks great - fresh colours. It is so hard deciding on colours. Nice job!

  6. I really like the colour shades you chose Tammy. x


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