Happy Birthday Tamar!

Its my friend Tamar's Birthday today. Its a big one and we wanted to do something nice for her as she has been dealt a rough hand, to say the least, she probably isn't feeling too well today and we love her to bits. We were hoping this would a least make her smile a little. Its hard to organise the girls though ....

Katie, Koko and Ella all made cards for Tamar...

Koko got all sulky as you can see in the photo above because her dress was too full ... and her card wouldn't sit right ... and she wasn't ready, so her card didn't get in the pic ...  I had to take another picture of it.

So everyone settled down again, the fresh flowers from the garden were arranged and Ella thought as she is the eldest she would present them.

However this was not popular ...

So there was some shuffling and rearranging ...

and finally they were all happy.

Well except Koko can't believe that Ella found it appropriate to wear shorts for this special photo shoot!

Happy Birthday Tamar sweet friend. xx


  1. Aww, that's darling! What beautiful wishes for Tamar.
    Mel x

  2. So cute, Tammy! Happy birthday to your friend. x

  3. Such special birthday wishes for a very special lady


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